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Welcome to, a website built for all people with diabetes who would like more information about the condition and what can be done to keep this disease from limiting an enjoyable and normal life. Diabetic cases are growing at an alarming rate, with more people diagnosed each year. With all of these new diabetic patients, access to accurate information is of the utmost importance and we aim to bring not only the latest discoveries in the world of diabetes, but also standards of management and treatment that will bring a person the highest level of relief possible. The resources about diabetes at are offered completely free of charge and will remain that way. We do not intend to sell this important information about diabetes, especially when could help millions of people have a higher quality of life.

Understanding the modern environment that is contributing to the growth of diabetes mellitus can help a diabetic person learn about possible pitfalls, such as fast food restaurants, that could be dangerous for their health and identify problematic symptoms of diabetes to control problems before they become worse. At, a person will find all of the relevant information collected under one roof. In addition to detailed articles about the technical aspects about diabetes, a person will also be able to find recipes to aid in a healthy diabetic diet and user submitted tips and tricks that relate to accomplishing everyday tasks without the diabetic problem causing an issue.

The following topics are only a small sampling of the information that will be available here. Navigating our website will show more articles about diabetes and a section where you can find tips for diabetic meals with delicious recipes.

Simply put, diabetes mellitus is technically defined as the inability of the body to successfully process sugars. In most cases, this inability is related to the lack of insulin being produced in quantities that are sufficient to remove the sugar from the blood. What happens is that the blood sugar becomes increased, which puts additional stress on organs like the heart and kidneys. If proper management of the disease does not occur, further problems, such as diabetic nephropathy or diabetic retinopathy could occur.


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