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Cause of Diabetes

Cause of Diabetes

The cause of diabetes differs greatly between the two main types of the disease, but the essential bodily response is the same. When a person has diabetes, they are unable to produce enough, if any, insulin to counter the level of sugar in the blood. Regardless of the diabetes causes, this means that the patient must regularly stay aware of their blood sugar level and administer insulin to keep it from causing immediate or long term health problems.

In a type 1 diabetic person, the causes of diabetes are not exactly evident. Most experts in the diabetic field attribute the disease to a combination of several factors, including a genetic predisposition to the condition as well as exposure to a specific antigen or trigger. The risk factors for type 1 are still being researched to identify people that are more likely to see a cause of diabetes start the condition. In children that develop type 1, there is often not any family history of the disease. What happens to stop insulin production with type 1 is actually an autoimmune response. The body destroys the beta cells that are found in the pancreas and responsible for insulin production.

With type 2, what causes diabetes is much more clear. Most diabetic people with this version of the disease develop it from certain behaviors. Obesity is a major cause of the condition and some studies state that half of all type 2 cases are the result of obesity. In contrast, some experts state that it is the high fat and sugar diet that leads to obesity that is also responsible for the disease. In addition, certain medical conditions, like hypertension or having high cholesterol levels may contribute to a person becoming diabetic. Another of the possible causes of diabetes is genetics, with those having a family history of the condition being at a much higher risk of developing it.



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